My name is Dan Addyson. I’m a data analyst who’s been working primarily in healthcare, with a bit of a diversion into social & digital media. I have a Master of Public Health from the University of Pennsylvania & a BS in Geography/Minor in Chinese (Mandarin) Language from Penn State University. I live in Philly w/ my fam.

I started my career as a business analyst; however I found that as customers (internal & external) started asking more difficult and complex questions, I was returning to my grad school days to find statistically robust solutions to answer these questions. And so, my journey began… first, Obi Wan took me down to the Cantina in Mos Eisley, where he chopped a guy’s arm off. Then we met Han Solo & his giant dog-man-servant-friend… oh, wrong storyline, sorry! But my point is, I’m using statistical methodologies to answer pressing questions of the day — whether that is to help a business partner at my work optimize an outreach program, or to pick apart the story presented in a local news article.

The primary purpose of this blog is for me to find & dig into different data sources, try new methods, & generally do “interesting stuff”. As I have alluded to, I’m interested in using open data to look at issues that are relevant to our society. And as a proud Philadelphian transplant, I tend to look at issues in the SE PA area.

Technical toolset includes R (primarily), Python, PySpark, various & sundry query languages (T-SQL, HQL), & any others as needed. But more importantly, is the methodology used to answer the question, & I am currently in the process of augmenting my frequentist mindset with a more Bayesian flavor.